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“The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job.” – Zig Ziglar


Great Morning Routines To Keep You Up And Running Throughout The Day


We all have our morning routines. Some people might just jump out of bed and leave the house… It’s still a routine though. Me? It all depends on my schedule that day and what I have planned! It’s typically about the same each morning but a few minor adjustments are necessary sometimes.

Your first ritual that you do during the day is the highest leveraged ritual, by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind, and setting the context, for the rest of your day.

– Eben Pagan

Your morning has such an effect on how your day is going to be. If you have a shitty morning, I guarantee your mindset is going to be that same way for a while until someone or something great happens. I am a college student so most of my friends’  routines consist of waking up, attempting not to look like a freaking zombie, and going to class just to later on take a nap. Yeah of course I have those days too, I’m not perky every morning by all means but morning rituals are usually what make waking up a whole lot better.

“Why do I need to have a morning routine? I’m fine without one.” When I talk about morning routines, I’m not talking about getting up every day and working out, then saving a life, then going to get coffee, then taking a nice walk before work or class… No. I mean, if that’s what your morning routine consists of then snaps for you. But my morning routine is similar to many and not too extraordinary but I’ll share it with ya.

For me, I wake up around 8 am, open my curtains to let the sun in because that usually wakes my ass up. After, I head downstairs to the kitchen and start my cup of coffee. Then I go back up, turn up my music, fix my ratty hair and do my makeup. Following, I’d head back down to the kitchen with my laptop where I make my breakfast (usually oatmeal and fruit or yogurt w/ granola) and sip on my cup of coffee. I start by checking my e-mails, reading a few articles from Elite Daily that interest me, and writing down my tasks for the day in my planner. Since I’m in college I’d also check my campus homework site to see if I missed anything from the night before or if class were cancelled. So not a real crazy morning routine but if I wake up earlier than usual, I typically do some morning yoga just because running doesn’t always seem so dandy to me at 7 am.. But before I head out, I’d get dressed, grab a snack, and brush my teeth.

A lot of very successful people have similar morning routines actually. A few things that entrepreneurs do in the mornings is meditate, set priorities straight, set goals for the day or week, plan their day in the shower, make coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, etc. Morning routines aren’t for everyone but everybody’s morning routine can also be a lot different. There’s no right or wrong way to wake up and start your day but having a little sense of organization in the morning is a really healthy way to live!

Let me know what morning routines you guys have if any or some crazy ones you’ve heard of! I post daily motivational quotes  and every Thursday and Sunday I post new articles! Thanks for reading guys 🙂

Peace & Blessings ❤