Take That Leap Of Faith


Have you ever held back from doing something even though deep down you know you really wanted to do it? Did you ever hold back because you were just scared or didn’t have a true reason to not do it?

I could be talking about anything honestly; That new job you think you want but you’re just not quite sure if its for you or not, buying a super expensive TV when you know you can afford it but you don’t know if you’re going to want to spend that money on something else, or whatever your mind comes up with.

A lot of decisions probably ride around the topic of money. Do I have enough money to get this? Do I have a little bit extra to spend to go on that vacation I’ve always wanted to go on. Do I really want to pay for that even though I don’t NEED it?

Well a lot of these decisions can be easily solved. Just buy a magic eight ball and it’ll tell you what to do!


Depending on the scenario you’re debating with yourself on, I think your gut and taking that leap of faith is going to do you wonders.

For instance, I just recently was approached by this very sweet and kind girl on instagram who works for a certain business and she asked me to join her! Now my first thoughts were, alright this is a total scam. She’s just trying to take my money and run with it, its not real.

But after a while I got to thinking.

Maybe this isn’t a scam. Maybe she actually wants me to join her company and is trying to get me interested in this great opportunity.

Change is so hard for many people and a lot of people take the safe route and don’t ever try anything new and I’m over here thinkin, what kind of a life is that?

So I’m going to take my own advice, take that leap of faith, and run with it. You honestly never know how something is going to turn out unless you try. It might be a scam and I might waste my money on something that was nothing.


It could be the best thing that ever happened to me and I end up loving it.

I know it’s difficult to see past the area of unknown. It’s like looking across a field and not being able to see the other side but you have a feeling there’s something on the other side that is important.

It’s a battle with yourself sometimes, I get it.

 “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” – Louise E. Boone

As scary as it is, once you do it, every time after that is just going to be that much easier. It’s such a basic quote when people say, “you’ll never know unless you try it” but it’s so relevant in everyday life.


Thanks again for reading guys, I hope my interesting words somehow inspired you to change the way you think a bit. I mean a girl can try right? Don’t forget to come back for daily motivational quotes and new posts a couple times a week (notice I don’t even put a day here cause that’s how inconsistent I am). As always,

Peace & Blessings ❤



Go Slow To Go Fast


“One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master. He told me to go slow to go fast. I think that applies to everything in life. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress.” – Viggo Mortensen

Traveling Questions Everyone Has When Planning To Get Away


So you’ve started to think about taking a vacay have ya?

I know there are so many people who are like “oh yeah, just drop everything and buy a plane ticket”, “don’t worry about it man, just do it, you’ll figure it out”. Yeah as much fun as that would be, lets be a bit more reasonable.

I’m a college student so money isn’t some easily attainable thing for me at the moment. So how am I supposed to live my life traveling, yet keep enough money where I’m not completely broke out of my mind?


Some of the first things I think about before I travel are:

  • Where am I gonna go
  • How much is it gonna cost
  • Who am I bringing with me, if anyone
  • How am I going to obtain this money to go
  • When am I going to find time to go
  • Should I just wait and save up more
  • Where would I stay

Those are only a few thoughts racing through my head while planning a trip.

Now that its summer, most college kids have jobs. However, a lot of the time, they either aren’t full time, or they don’t have super strict bosses who need them every second of the day. See, so there’s a little leeway here.

In my case, my job is not at all hard to get away from. So taking time off work won’t be the big issue here for me. My biggest issues are cost, where I’m gonna stay, and how I’m going to find the money to go.

If you really do your research though, it’s honestly not too difficult to find a decently priced vacation spot that will give you just the right amount of adventure and relaxation you need.

You don’t need to go to some tropical island or insane overseas destination. At least if you don’t have the money. Trust me, if I had the money, I’d be on a flight to Paris right now.

I’m just looking for that adventure in my life. I’ve been around to so many different places where I’m from. Places I’ve discovered that I never knew were in my area and it gave me such a thrill thinking about how many destinations out there I’ve never been to or even heard of.

If I can find some hidden gems in the midwest, just think about how many beautiful places there are out in the world aside from the U.S.

I think the best idea would be to start out with a pencil and a piece of paper, write down any place you might be interested in going to, research hotels/homes you could possibly stay in, and go from there.

Ever heard of Groupon? If not, I’m about to change your life. Groupon is a coupon sharing app that you can download for free and they show you a thousand different coupons with categories from “things to do”, “food and beverages”, to “health and beauty”, and so much more. They even have getaways too!

It doesn’t hurt to try it out! Look up the getaways and see what crazy deals they might be offering. I also know Expedia.com has daily deals as well with resorts that are sometimes 50% off!

Traveling shouldn’t be a burden to try and figure out. It should be fun! Worrying about the money is frustrating, but like I said, grab a pencil and paper, write down where you want to go, how you can gain a little extra cash, and start researching!

I hope you found the article to be helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or comments down below! I love you all so much for taking the time to read my posts! I’ll be posting daily motivational quotes every day so come back for either a quote or another post if my mind gains a little inspiration to write more often 🙂 As always,

Peace & Blessings ❤




Spread Your Wings


“I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.” – C. JoyBell C.

Fooducate Yourselves


Fooducate… May or may not be a word but whatever.

I am one of those people who love to try new things though. Whether its a different genre of music to listen to, a different book, a new hobby I’ve never done or a new restaurant/ meal to try.

This is when the word fooducate comes into action. I bet you know a few people who literally order the same thing at the same restaurant you and your friends always hit up… Maybe that person’s you? I don’t know, there are no judgements here, only friendly suggestions.

One friendly suggestion is to stop being so afraid to try something new. Now I know what a few of you are thinking. “I don’t want to waste my money on it if I don’t like it”, “I have a feeling I don’t think I’ll like it”, “It’s so much easier to just get the same thing every time”.

Quit it.

How are you supposed to know you don’t like something till you actually try it? You could try a new ice cream flavor and just fall completely and madly in love with it and end up saying it was the best $5 you ever spent.

YOU NEVER KNOW. I think that’s the rush I like behind it. The feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen or how it’ll make you feel. Taking risks is definitely a hobby of mine if you could call it that.

Every time I go somewhere new, or hit up some cool places, I always wonder what the greatest restaurants are in the area. I love local places that aren’t chain restaurants where they serve their own personal types of food that no other place has.

Not only is it fun to explore a new area but finding a super cute not well known restaurant actually gives me a bit of a rush as weird as that sounds.

For example, want to know what I had the other day? Of course you don’t, who would care but I’m gonna tell you anyways. LOBSTER GRILLED CHEESE. I can’t stop thinking about it because it was that good. Lobster in a grilled cheese sandwich… Holy yum am I right? I love creative people.

I also follow this Instagram page that shows you different types of super cool meals that are from different cities. They’ll tell you the restaurant it’s from too so if you’re in the area, you can stop by. The account is called @infatuation. I highly recommend you give them a follow if you love food like I do.

The picture I put at the top of this article I actually took myself and it’s from this cute little café in Minneapolis called Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar. They’re waffles are heavenly and so pretty too. I’d be hella broke if I lived anywhere close to it trust me.

So for all you food lovers everywhere, don’t be afraid to try the new restaurants in your area or take a little extra time to go somewhere else you haven’t been even if it’s a bit farther! Many of you will definitely thank me and be able to recommend new places to friends and family!

I mean, how many times have you heard people say, “Oh my gosh you guys have to go to Applebees, they have the best food ever”…. Like never cause almost every human in this world has been to Applebees at some point in their life.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading guys, I know the article wasn’t as long today but I’m going to start posting a little bit more than I have been lately I promise! I have not had too much time on my hands and even less motivation/ creativity to come up with new articles to write about.

I appreciate you all reading and sticking with me even though I slack off way too much for my own good! I’ll try to get more consistent and post every Monday/ Thursday of every week! If not, just know they’ll pop up at some point within a few days of each other don’t worry. Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their night!

Peace & Blessings ❤