Fooducate Yourselves


Fooducate… May or may not be a word but whatever.

I am one of those people who love to try new things though. Whether its a different genre of music to listen to, a different book, a new hobby I’ve never done or a new restaurant/ meal to try.

This is when the word fooducate comes into action. I bet you know a few people who literally order the same thing at the same restaurant you and your friends always hit up… Maybe that person’s you? I don’t know, there are no judgements here, only friendly suggestions.

One friendly suggestion is to stop being so afraid to try something new. Now I know what a few of you are thinking. “I don’t want to waste my money on it if I don’t like it”, “I have a feeling I don’t think I’ll like it”, “It’s so much easier to just get the same thing every time”.

Quit it.

How are you supposed to know you don’t like something till you actually try it? You could try a new ice cream flavor and just fall completely and madly in love with it and end up saying it was the best $5 you ever spent.

YOU NEVER KNOW. I think that’s the rush I like behind it. The feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen or how it’ll make you feel. Taking risks is definitely a hobby of mine if you could call it that.

Every time I go somewhere new, or hit up some cool places, I always wonder what the greatest restaurants are in the area. I love local places that aren’t chain restaurants where they serve their own personal types of food that no other place has.

Not only is it fun to explore a new area but finding a super cute not well known restaurant actually gives me a bit of a rush as weird as that sounds.

For example, want to know what I had the other day? Of course you don’t, who would care but I’m gonna tell you anyways. LOBSTER GRILLED CHEESE. I can’t stop thinking about it because it was that good. Lobster in a grilled cheese sandwich… Holy yum am I right? I love creative people.

I also follow this Instagram page that shows you different types of super cool meals that are from different cities. They’ll tell you the restaurant it’s from too so if you’re in the area, you can stop by. The account is called @infatuation. I highly recommend you give them a follow if you love food like I do.

The picture I put at the top of this article I actually took myself and it’s from this cute little café in Minneapolis called Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar. They’re waffles are heavenly and so pretty too. I’d be hella broke if I lived anywhere close to it trust me.

So for all you food lovers everywhere, don’t be afraid to try the new restaurants in your area or take a little extra time to go somewhere else you haven’t been even if it’s a bit farther! Many of you will definitely thank me and be able to recommend new places to friends and family!

I mean, how many times have you heard people say, “Oh my gosh you guys have to go to Applebees, they have the best food ever”…. Like never cause almost every human in this world has been to Applebees at some point in their life.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading guys, I know the article wasn’t as long today but I’m going to start posting a little bit more than I have been lately I promise! I have not had too much time on my hands and even less motivation/ creativity to come up with new articles to write about.

I appreciate you all reading and sticking with me even though I slack off way too much for my own good! I’ll try to get more consistent and post every Monday/ Thursday of every week! If not, just know they’ll pop up at some point within a few days of each other don’t worry. Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their night!

Peace & Blessings ❤






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