Traveling Questions Everyone Has When Planning To Get Away

So you’ve started to think about taking a vacay have ya?

I know there are so many people who are like “oh yeah, just drop everything and buy a plane ticket”, “don’t worry about it man, just do it, you’ll figure it out”. Yeah as much fun as that would be, lets be a bit more reasonable.

I’m a college student so money isn’t some easily attainable thing for me at the moment. So how am I supposed to live my life traveling, yet keep enough money where I’m not completely broke out of my mind?


Some of the first things I think about before I travel are:

  • Where am I gonna go
  • How much is it gonna cost
  • Who am I bringing with me, if anyone
  • How am I going to obtain this money to go
  • When am I going to find time to go
  • Should I just wait and save up more
  • Where would I stay

Those are only a few thoughts racing through my head while planning a trip.

Now that its summer, most college kids have jobs. However, a lot of the time, they either aren’t full time, or they don’t have super strict bosses who need them every second of the day. See, so there’s a little leeway here.

In my case, my job is not at all hard to get away from. So taking time off work won’t be the big issue here for me. My biggest issues are cost, where I’m gonna stay, and how I’m going to find the money to go.

If you really do your research though, it’s honestly not too difficult to find a decently priced vacation spot that will give you just the right amount of adventure and relaxation you need.

You don’t need to go to some tropical island or insane overseas destination. At least if you don’t have the money. Trust me, if I had the money, I’d be on a flight to Paris right now.

I’m just looking for that adventure in my life. I’ve been around to so many different places where I’m from. Places I’ve discovered that I never knew were in my area and it gave me such a thrill thinking about how many destinations out there I’ve never been to or even heard of.

If I can find some hidden gems in the midwest, just think about how many beautiful places there are out in the world aside from the U.S.

I think the best idea would be to start out with a pencil and a piece of paper, write down any place you might be interested in going to, research hotels/homes you could possibly stay in, and go from there.

Ever heard of Groupon? If not, I’m about to change your life. Groupon is a coupon sharing app that you can download for free and they show you a thousand different coupons with categories from “things to do”, “food and beverages”, to “health and beauty”, and so much more. They even have getaways too!

It doesn’t hurt to try it out! Look up the getaways and see what crazy deals they might be offering. I also know has daily deals as well with resorts that are sometimes 50% off!

Traveling shouldn’t be a burden to try and figure out. It should be fun! Worrying about the money is frustrating, but like I said, grab a pencil and paper, write down where you want to go, how you can gain a little extra cash, and start researching!

I hope you found the article to be helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or comments down below! I love you all so much for taking the time to read my posts! I’ll be posting daily motivational quotes every day so come back for either a quote or another post if my mind gains a little inspiration to write more often 🙂 As always,

Peace & Blessings ❤




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