Why Limit Yourself To One Style?


Okay, turning over to the fashion side of me here. 

I honestly feel as though I have 8 different personality types depending on the clothes I wear. Some people have a specific look they tend to turn to while me, I could look homeless one day and the next, look like I’m heading to a fancy ass dinner with Kate Middleton.

So my question is, why have one type of style? Why do we have to feel limited to only one? I say that’s bull. I do have to say my main style I like to contribute to is the kind of hippie/boho look.. I’m an actual Vanessa Hudgens wannabe.

I’m one of those people that love to go out and experience new things. I love to experiment with new styles and see what I’m into. This is probably an article relating mostly to women but honestly guys, having a good sense of style will get a girl into bed faster than you can say style.. Just think about the type of person you want to portray and roll with it!

Don’t even let anyone tell you that you look ridiculous or have them ask you why you’re wearing that. Own up to that freakin style of yours. I get made fun of for my hippie lookin style almost daily but does that stop me from wearing my many yarn bracelets, a thousand rings, half up hairdo, patterns or flowers? UMM HELL NO.

But to be fair, if you have a bit of a different style, I guarantee you’ll make some more friends because people notice those things. Someone might compliment you and say how they would love to be able to pull of that style like you! If you wanna look like a hobo today, by all means, make that bun look like something is living in it. Throw on those sweats like you don’t have  a care in the world.

There are too many people today who look for the approval of others to live. I say its ridiculous. Screw those people who criticize you for your style cause they are either jealous that you have the confidence to wear such clothing, or have some low self esteem where they feel the need to bring you down instead.

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” – Herm Albright

There are a few exceptions to having you not dress like you usually do though… Honey, if you dress like Nicki Minaj from 2008, then we got problems. Please do not be a walking lollipop. I repeat, do not be a lollipop. 

Here’s some advice on taking advice about fashion from your friends: don’t.

I don’t care if they have an update on the latest trends, if you don’t think it looks good on you, don’t wear it! I cannot say this enough times, it honestly drives me crazy when I see girls dressed differently than they usually are because their friends told them it looks good..

It’s totally fine to ask advice though. I’m not saying they can’t ever help you but don’t wear something you’re not comfortable with! Lets say you have one of those friends who wears heels all the time and can rock the shit out of them but you are more of the converse girl (like me). She wants you to put on some heels so you guys can walk around campus struttin like the cheetah girls in Barcelona. Advice: Take those goddamn heels of your feet and throw them at the wall. Okay, maybe not throw them but if you are not the heel wearing type, DONT WEAR THEM! You’re friend will understand I promise.

The calyces aren’t worth the nicely shaped calves anyways.

The point is, don’t let anyone tell you who to be. Your style is so representative of the kind of person you are that I would hate to see that go away because you are just wanting the approval of others!

Thanks again for reading guys and don’t forget I post every Sunday/Monday and Thursday/Friday with motivational quotes daily! Come back regularly for more updates too! I’m trying to figure out more ideas to add to the blog to spice it up a bit! Don’t be afraid to give me a shout out for some ideas I could add, it would be much appreciated 🙂 As always,

Peace & Blessings