The Truth About Yoga And Meditation


I actually just recently started getting more into the whole yoga and meditation scene. Let me tell you, it has seriously changed my life. If anyone is looking at it and not sure whether they want to start it or not, I would highly recommend it.

When I say meditation though, I don’t mean trying to call some spirits or mumbling something creepy… No. Literally all meditation is is just taking a little bit of time out of your day (typically 5-10 minutes) to just sit in silence where you know you won’t have any distractions.

It’s a great way to let your mind wander and not get worried about anything happening around you. Usually I do it in the mornings right when I wake up after a quick session of some yoga stretches.

For me, I just snag one of my million pillows off my bed, place it on the floor for comfort when I sit on it, and maybe light up a few candles.

You truly can do this anywhere you feel comfortable and quiet. For me, my room is typically the best option but if you can’t get anything done with people in the house (if you have roommates, family, etc.), you might even find a quiet room in your local library or even a yoga studio nearby that would let you have some peace.

Once you’ve found a place of serenity, place your pillow, mat, or whatever you have to sit on to make it as comfortable as possible, on the floor. Then, cross your legs in a sitting position and place your hands comfortably on your knees with your palms facing towards the sky. I usually just relax my hands but if you want, many people touch their thumbs to their middle fingers or pointer fingers and hold them that way.

Close your eyes and just sit there for however long you would like. Most people start out only going for a few minutes but once you make it a habit, you’ll bump it up to about 15 minutes or longer if you choose. Make sure you are focusing on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and feel the air fill up in your lungs, hold for a three count, then release the air out of your mouth. I truly find this the best way to relax.

Meditating has so many benefits for you as well:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety by helping you relax
  • It has been known to have mental health benefits such as better focus, memory, happiness, self control, and more.
  • It’s also a great way to understand yourself better and have a better self-awareness.

The modern day of life has people constantly stressed and constantly worried about work and life. Little does everyone know how beneficial it is to just take 15 minutes tops out of their day dedicated to getting a little self-awareness.

Yoga has the same benefits as all of these, it just takes a little bit more effort than just sitting in silence and letting the mind wander.

However, yoga has way more physical benefits and mental benefits to it. For example, a few include giving you peace of mind, better posture and balance, helps you focus, lowers blood sugar, and many many others.

I know reading this it may seem a tad weird to change your lifestyle just a tiny bit to include one of these two things in your daily life but starting is always the hard part. It might also seem weird to even meditate in the first place like “I don’t need to do this, I’m totally healthy and fine with the way I am.” That’s great but anything can always be improved.

I’m not forcing anyone to partake in such an act but you will never know how amazing the feeling is of meditation or yoga until you try it out yourself. I can sit here and write out all these great things about it, but you’ll never know the full experience unless you take my advice and just try it at least once.

Once you have started to see and feel the benefits yourself, you won’t be able to imagine not doing it everyday.

“Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are.” – Ani Pema Chodron

I hope you guys enjoyed the article! I’m going to try and keep it consistent from now on, I’ll make time to write these posts and maybe a few more to make up for my lack of consistency! I’ll be posting every Sunday or Monday and Thursday or Friday. Whenever I have time each of those days! Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you all have a great rest of your day, don’t forget to make some time to meditate in there!

Peace & Blessings



Why Naps Are Really The Cure For Everything


Everyone likes their rest. Everyone needs their rest. Sleeping to me is like leaving reality and entering a stress free dream world where I don’t have to think about anything that is going on around me and I can come up with scenarios in my head that will never ever happen.

According to, “We spend about one third of our life asleep. That’s about 16 hours a night as infants, 9 hours as teens and 7 to 8 hours as adults.”

That counts for the sleep you should be getting every night but lets get real, how many of us actually get 7-9 hours of sleep every night… I know I don’t.

This is where naps come in. A lot of people with their crazy busy schedules probably don’t have time for naps or to even think about taking a nap!

With sleep deprivation comes a s*** ton of coffee. The National Sleep Foundation says, “Because caffeine is a stimulant, most people use it after waking up in the morning or to remain alert during the day. While it is important to note that caffeine cannot replace sleep, it can temporarily make us feel more alert by blocking sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increasing adrenaline production.”

People are using caffeine to keep them pretty much surviving their day. Many get addicted or dependent on it.

You don’t need google to tell you the benefits of naps because every website you look at is going to say the same thing.


If you just take 20-30 minutes out of your day, it will help you be more alert and ready for anything that could be thrown at you.

I literally took a 4 hour nap today so I mean, maybe a little excessive but it did feel damn good.

You might be in a crazy stressful time right now and all you can think about is the work that needs to get done. If you take your mind off of it for just an hour and use that to rest, I guarantee, you’ll feel a lot better and probably finish the work even faster.

I do this sometimes when I know I need to finish a paper or get an article written. There are times where I have no idea what to write and it just becomes the most stressful thing in the entire world.

So what do I do?

Freaking nap

Like I said it doesn’t have to take up your whole day, it might take half an hour which is nothing! You can easily fit that into your schedule no matter how busy you are.

Don’t worry if you have to take medication to fall asleep too, it’s not going to hurt you. You’ll feel way better after the nap anyways.

A couple things I like to do, like I mentioned before, to fall asleep, is to imagine scenarios in my head that I of course know aren’t going to happen but just like to think about.

Like falling asleep today, I imagined being at Seattle Grace hospital with Jesse Williams (Avery in Greys Anatomy if you don’t know) as my doctor and him falling in love with me… I’ve been obsessed with the show recently so of course I’m going to think about something like this.

Anyways, after a while you start to get into the imagination and before you know it, you end up passing out! It’s the greatest thing!

Some people count sheep or whatever but honestly that never helps me. Who even thought about that anyways…

Get home from a rough day, put on something that is insanely comfy, get into bed, set your alarm to go off in an hour, get under the covers and let your mind go wild.

Don’t think about anything stress related.

~ You’re welcome.

Thanks again guys for reading it means so much! Don’t forget to leave comments down below or let me know if you want me to write about something specific I’d love to hear it! I post motivational quotes daily and articles (mostly) every Friday and Monday!

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Things To Do Just To Get Yourself Off The Couch


There are some days where it seems like moving an inch off the couch seems like the absolute hardest thing in the world.

And some days you might not want to get off the couch because it feels like you’re laying on a cloud and we are all able to let ourselves be that way every now and then.

‘Every now and then’ is the hint. There’s no reason to be a couch potato on the daily, cmon you’re better than that. There are plenty of things to see! You only live once! Not to quote Drake but he’s got a point.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” ― Pablo Picasso

When I say things to do to get yourself off the couch, I’m not referring to the tub of ice cream you’d have to get up to get only to go sit back down and finish your netflix marathon..

No, fun things to do in your area wherever you’re at!

In a recent University of San Diego study, researchers found that exposure to sunlight lifted depression. Nothing you haven’t really heard before.

Getting a bit of exercise can also lift your mood as well! How many times have you sat on the couch for hours among end and felt amazing afterwards.. Slim to none.

Here are a few ways and ideas of how to get yourself up and out of the house:

Strategize and plan your day! Don’t you ever wake up one morning and be so tired because if you have nothing planned, the easiest thing to do is to just lie in bed all day doing exactly that. By planning the night before what you want to get done the next day, it helps you get the motivation to actually get it done!

Change into outdoor clothes the second you get home from work or class. By changing your outfit, it helps you convince yourself that you didn’t just put on running shorts for no reason. You wouldn’t want to run or play outside in a skirt or trousers… Start the day with a fresh new pair of outdoor clothing!

Take a nature walk. Figure out the pretty scenes you live by. It’ll give you something to do when you don’t have anything planned! It also gives you a good sense of the beautiful scenery you live by.

Take a workout or yoga class. Sign up for a club or a class that you can put on your calendar! This makes it so much easier for you to get off the couch because now you have an obligation to.

Pick a workout buddy. Get your friends in on forcing you get off the couch. Pick someone who you know isn’t afraid to literally walk into your house and drag you outside. This person is not going to be lazy and they will force you not to be lazy too.

Go walk your dog. That poor creature is gaining weight because you can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes and you feed it way more than it needs to be fed. It gives you and your dog some good exercise! Roller blade while walking it too if you trust it not to sprint out of control!

Thanks again guys for reading, I hope I gave you enough ideas to put down the Cheetos and get that ass up and moving! Don’t forget to follow or comment down below! I post motivational quotes daily and new articles every Monday and Friday! See you guys soon!

Peace & Blessings ❤


Ways To Deal With Stress In A Healthy Way

Model: Josi Mehr Bilder unter: Wo? Park-Krankenhaus

Everyone and anyone at some point has dealt with stress. It could have been over anything; Traffic, shopping, school, time, etc. Now you might not be a very stressful person like me where you can easily get rid of stress and it doesn’t take too much. OR you’re a person who is very easily stressed and it can sometimes take away from your daily life.

Well look no further for ways to deal with that awful feeling of stress in your life!

Many people have many different ways of how they deal with their stress. That’s all up to them and if it works, great! However, don’t be afraid to change it up sometimes. You might find a strategy that works even better and gets rid of it for good!

Here are 5 ways that I deal with stress that are very easily duplicated and could possibly help you too!


Exercise is one of the most stress relieving activities anyone can do. I’m not saying go run a 5k or anything. Maybe go for a walk or do a few push ups. It doesn’t have to be vigorous work, just make it something that will get your mind off of whatever it is you have been stressing about!

Take A Bath 

Just relaxing alone is a great stress reliever. Set up some candles and have a glass of wine while listening to your favorite soothing music. I say take a bath and not a shower because there’s too much effort put into taking a shower and you can’t sit down or lay and relax. Trust me, baths are the way to go in stressful situations.


This is something I have recently taken up and let me tell you, it has made so much of an impact in my life. Take some time from your morning to just sit in a peaceful environment with no music, no sounds, and no distractions. Just silence. Focus on your breathing. It gives you time to reflect on your day or to just sit with no thought or care in the world. I tend to meditate for about 5-10 minutes every morning! You can either do it sitting up or laying completely flat on the ground like the yoga pose Savasana. There’s also many other yoga poses you can do that will easily cope with stress!

Spend Time With Family Or Friends

There’s no one that knows you better than your family or your close friends. If you have something stressing you out or on you mind, they will probably be able to tell and they can always find a way to cheer you up. Well, at least my family and friends can! For some, family might even bring a little bit more stress on yourself so do what you think is best in the certain situation.

Get Organized

I know this sounds like it could be something to add stress but honestly, getting organized takes so much pressure off deadlines and expectations you ask from yourself. If you set a time and date to get something done, typically, you’re going to get it done. Writing things down is a great way to ensure yourself that you NEED to get it done. It’s awesome knowing everything you need to complete that day is all written down in a journal or a calendar. It’s all right in front of you. No searching your brain or going crazy thinking of all the tasks you need to finish. Now that, is a stress reliever.

Stress is stupid. So don’t have it! If only it could be that easy… But in fact, it actually can be that easy if you take up some of these stress relieving activities I’ve written about! And I can tell you truthfully, I use every single one of these in my daily life. I don’t get stressed because I do these things without thinking about it!

“Too blessed to be stressed”

Thanks so much guys for reading! Don’t forget I post every Sunday/Monday and Thursday/Friday with motivational quotes daily! Help me out with some ideas on what you want me to write about next or anything that you think I could add to my blog to spice it up a bit. I’m all ears for anything you have to say 🙂

Peace & Blessings ❤


Why Finding Motivation To Exercise Is The Smartest Thing You’ll Ever Do


Exercising. The word itself is so unattractive to us sometimes yet we feel the need to do it. Exercising is a smart way to obviously stay healthy medically but it is also a great way to heal the mind as well. Statistics show that typically the more people exercise, the happier they are. They might not be so happy WHILE they are exercising but the feeling you get after a long workout makes you feel accomplished. That accomplished feeling is what keeps people going and wanting to exercise more. But how do we keep this longing to exercise and how do we get the motivation to put down the remote and move?

The funny thing as I write this article right now is that if you’re reading this, you’re actually sitting on your computer and not out doing something of well being. Little contradicting if you ask me.. But I will help you find ways to put down the laptop after you’re done reading and ex out of the Netflix tab.

I think the most motivating factor that helps me get off my ass is someone who will actually get me off my ass. Having a workout buddy is insanely smart especially if you know this person will push you to your limits and force you to get up and leave the house. You want this person to be someone who isn’t afraid of telling you things that are not necessarily pleasant to hear because we all need to hear it sometimes. “You’re a lazy piece of s***, get up, lets go”, “You honestly look like you’ve gained a few, c’mon lets go”, “You’re coming with me to workout and you’re not gonna complain”. Yeah, I’ve heard them all before and I actually thank my friend for telling me those things cause you know what, even though they may seem harsh, they work.

Try even setting a time every morning when you’re going to work out and plan your day around it. If you plan to go out that night, try working out right before you shower so you can come home and get ready feeling amazing. Whether you like to workout in the morning or at night or even in the middle of the day, if the work gets done, the time doesn’t matter. If I could get up every morning and go for a run, oh s***, I’d be one happy person! The fact that I can’t though, doesn’t mean I’m out of shape or that I can’t work out at all that day. You find time. You make time for that one hour of your day. That is literally 4% of your entire day.

Another great motivating tool that may or may not make things worse is posting pictures all around your room or your house or apartment of Victoria’s Secret models. Either those, any other model, or hot guy bods that will get you wanting to look like that. Now, like I said, that may or may not make your self esteem plummet..

Motivation is freakn hard. I know it’s hard to get out of bed. I know you don’t like getting all sweaty in the gym. I know it would be much easier to just stay home all day. But I also know how it feels to get in the groove of exercising and the feeling it gives you when you look at yourself in the mirror and see a difference after all the hard work you’ve put in. And I know that that is a feeling that trumps any kind of extra rest, laziness, or next episode.

The hardest part is always taking the first step. Trust me when I say it will all be worth it in the end. The results will come. They don’t happen overnight but they will come. Keep up the good work and let me know of any success stories! I would love to comment back and hear about everyone’s thoughts! Remember I post every Sunday/Monday and Thursday/Friday with motivational quotes on the daily!

Peace & Blessings ❤


Great Morning Routines To Keep You Up And Running Throughout The Day


We all have our morning routines. Some people might just jump out of bed and leave the house… It’s still a routine though. Me? It all depends on my schedule that day and what I have planned! It’s typically about the same each morning but a few minor adjustments are necessary sometimes.

Your first ritual that you do during the day is the highest leveraged ritual, by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind, and setting the context, for the rest of your day.

– Eben Pagan

Your morning has such an effect on how your day is going to be. If you have a shitty morning, I guarantee your mindset is going to be that same way for a while until someone or something great happens. I am a college student so most of my friends’  routines consist of waking up, attempting not to look like a freaking zombie, and going to class just to later on take a nap. Yeah of course I have those days too, I’m not perky every morning by all means but morning rituals are usually what make waking up a whole lot better.

“Why do I need to have a morning routine? I’m fine without one.” When I talk about morning routines, I’m not talking about getting up every day and working out, then saving a life, then going to get coffee, then taking a nice walk before work or class… No. I mean, if that’s what your morning routine consists of then snaps for you. But my morning routine is similar to many and not too extraordinary but I’ll share it with ya.

For me, I wake up around 8 am, open my curtains to let the sun in because that usually wakes my ass up. After, I head downstairs to the kitchen and start my cup of coffee. Then I go back up, turn up my music, fix my ratty hair and do my makeup. Following, I’d head back down to the kitchen with my laptop where I make my breakfast (usually oatmeal and fruit or yogurt w/ granola) and sip on my cup of coffee. I start by checking my e-mails, reading a few articles from Elite Daily that interest me, and writing down my tasks for the day in my planner. Since I’m in college I’d also check my campus homework site to see if I missed anything from the night before or if class were cancelled. So not a real crazy morning routine but if I wake up earlier than usual, I typically do some morning yoga just because running doesn’t always seem so dandy to me at 7 am.. But before I head out, I’d get dressed, grab a snack, and brush my teeth.

A lot of very successful people have similar morning routines actually. A few things that entrepreneurs do in the mornings is meditate, set priorities straight, set goals for the day or week, plan their day in the shower, make coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, etc. Morning routines aren’t for everyone but everybody’s morning routine can also be a lot different. There’s no right or wrong way to wake up and start your day but having a little sense of organization in the morning is a really healthy way to live!

Let me know what morning routines you guys have if any or some crazy ones you’ve heard of! I post daily motivational quotes  and every Thursday and Sunday I post new articles! Thanks for reading guys 🙂

Peace & Blessings ❤


One Step At A Time


Hey guys! So today I decided to write about taking that first step to living a healthy lifestyle. Choices I made to turn my life into what I said before about the difference between being happy and being healthy lifestyle happy.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I’m sure everyone has heard this about a billion times in their life. That quote makes me think, oh shit, look at that bag of lays, I probably shouldn’t eat one cause I don’t wanna gain 10 pounds and not know how being skinny feels… no. You’re fine, eat a few potato chips, you’re not gonna explode.

The thing that has helped me change my life around is just making better choices when I eat and not constantly eating crap. For instance, if I want a sandwich I’m going to use wheat bread versus white because of the better health benefits. I’m also not going to put a bunch of cheese and salami in between the two slices, I’ll switch it out for some turkey, maybe some lettuce, a tomato, and either ranch, or mustard. Don’t be afraid to experiment too and see what you like!

What’s crazy though is how much you don’t miss certain foods when you haven’t eaten them in a while. If you honestly go maybe 2/3 weeks without eating something, I guarantee you won’t crave that food anymore. The only hard part about starting the whole process of eating healthy is actually starting. Number one rule that helps me the most is not buying the food. Don’t keep junk food around you to tempt you all the time. We all know what choice we’re going to make if we see a box of oreos sitting on the counter next to some apples… Not the right one. Out of sight, out of mind. Throw that shit away.

I think going out to eat is the hardest part for me when trying to stay healthy. I mean, I always go straight to the “under 600 calories” menu or look at some of their healthier options they offer. But trying to stop eating once you realize you’re full is like thee hardest part of it all. “I’ve got a little more room.” *Burps* “I can eat some more.” We’ve all said it. My problem though is that I tend to eat fast when I don’t think about it, so I always end up WAY too full at the end of the meal. So recently, what I have learned is obviously eating slower is a great way to ensure your body when you’ve had enough. But not only that, try taking a box home when you know you’re not going to be able to finish. Boxing the food up right when you realize you’re full is the perfect way to save your body from the food coma I always tend to be in every time I go out to eat…

It honestly is a lot easier than you think to change eating habits. Get wheat bread/tortillas instead of white. Drink skim milk instead of whole. Eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Substitute that candy bar for some sliced bananas topped with cinnamon and honey. (It’s so goodddd)

Hopefully this has helped you even just a little bit! I’m no health expert or dietician but I do know how to live healthy lifestyle happy! And every once in a while, you’re allowed to eat a little unhealthy. Seriously, we’re human and this is America. Just don’t forget to get off your butt too! Exercise is so so important, even if it’s just riding your bike, taking walk, going rock climbing, it counts! Have fun with it! Thanks for reading guys! Don’t forget I post daily motivational quotes every day and articles every Thursday and Sunday! Leave any comments or questions, lemme know what you guys think! 🙂

Peace & Blessings ❤