The World Belongs To You


“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

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People Attempt To Live Their Lives Backwards


“Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.” – Margaret Young


Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Ways People Can Be Attractive Without Their Looks


The people you are attracted to are your own personal unique attractions. Some agree on certain people being attractive but others might disagree with your opinion.

For instance, you can’t deny Zac Efron is literally a creation of the gods…  A lot of humans will agree with this statement.

But there aren’t enough Zac Efrons to please every girl on Earth. That is why we have many different aspects of attraction!

Some might look at body, some might look at their face. They might be attracted to straight teeth, good hair, blue eyes, green eyes, tall people, short people, etc.

But the physical aspects only a sliver of some of the ways a person can be attractive! Here’s a couple other ways someone can be attractive other than their looks.

1. Personality

Someone’s personality can be such a huge factor in a relationship. If you are extremely attracted to the person but hate their personality, it’s gonna go down the drain real freakn quick.

Who they are as a person has a huge effect on the way you look at them. Which leads me into my next few reasons.

2. Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is huge. Everyone has some sort of sense of humor. Find someone who has the same sense of humor as you and you will be happy for the rest of your life I swear.

Laughter is the biggest pick up and most attractive thing you can make someone do. If you can make the other person laugh till they pee themselves, there’s a little hint that there’s definitely something there.

3. Generous

Being generous is just a trait that is very attractive on anyone. If you have a heart, then you will receive hearts back (if that makes any sense).

Knowing someone cares about people and things around them is such a good trait to have. It shows everyone that you aren’t selfish in any way and that you won’t be that way towards them.

If you end up getting in a relationship with a generous person, you know they aren’t going to ever worry about their own well being because they are going to be so focused on how you are.

4. Good Listener

Whether I’m talking about girls or guys, someone who can be a good listener is HUGE.

Trust me, nobody want’s someone who is constantly talking about themselves or gossiping about something irrelevant to the conversation they were just having. It’s not attractive. It’s actually annoying.

Find someone who can sit for hours talking to you but know you don’t have to be the one to sit their in silence. They’ll let you get your turn to talk or to share your thoughts!

5. Success Driven

Seeing someone be so passionate about something is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.

It doesn’t even matter whether they are trying to be the president or even just taking the initiative to change something about the place they are working at.

If they have that goal striving attitude, they will have my heart. It really is just heart warming to see someone try so hard to achieve something they are really passionate about.

6. Confident

Anyone who is anyone is attractive if they are confident in their own skin. It DOES NOT MATTER whether you are Angelina Jolie or some random person who isn’t the most attractive.

If you are confident in yourself and all your flaws, then you are in a great place. You actually might be a step ahead of most people in becoming happy with themselves.

Sooooo many people need to understand how to be confident because once you are content with who you are as a person, there is no stopping you in your lifetime of success and happiness.

Everyone will look at you and say “Damn, I wish I was that chill about everything. I wish I could just let go and not care so much.”

7. Not Constantly On Their Phone

If you can stay off your phone the whole time you are talking to someone, you are 5 steps ahead of a s*** ton of people out in this world.

Peoples’ phones are chained to their hands nowadays and it feels like they never set it down to just take a look around at the world that is right in front of them.

Someone who likes to adventure and/ or do fun activities not dealing with their phone typically has more life and energy in them throughout the day than someone who is constantly staring at a phone screen.

There are a ton more aspects that make someone attractive that doesn’t have to do with looks! If you know of any, I would love to hear them down in the comments!

Thanks again for reading guys, I post every Monday and Friday and motivational posts every day so come back! Love you all and I hope you had a splendid Thanksgiving!

Peace & Blessings